Lorenzen Realty Advisors, LLC

Lorenzen Realty Advisors, LLC, is a privately held company in Nampa, Idaho, owned by Paul Lorenzen. 

Mr. Lorenzen offers real estate appraisal and real estate brokerage services for clients and, in addition, is an active real estate investor, buying and selling both residential and commercial property.

Commercial Real estate appraisal services are provided through an affiliation with Integra Realty Resources – Boise, in Boise, Idaho.   Residential appraisal services are provided under the Lorenzen Realty Advisors, LLC umbrella.

Residential and commercial Real estate brokerage services are offered under the name Lorenzen Realty Advisors.

In addition, Mr. Lorenzen purchases and sells property as a principal under the separate name of Alpha Chi Investments, LLC.  These properties are generally purchased and sold at wholesale prices rather than retail prices.

To find out about the various services, please use the links provided below.

Integra Realty Resources – Boise – www.irr.com

Residential Appraisal Services – https://lorenzenrealtyadvisorsllc.appraiserxsites.com/

Real Estate Brokerage Serviceshttp://lorenzenrealtyadvisors.com/Brokerage/index.htm

Alpha Chi Investments – Buyers - http://timetotockrealestate.com/

Alpha Chi Investments – Sellers - http://realtyrescuefast.com/